Success Starts Here.

Our experts have put together videos with quick and easy tips to help you succeed in competitions and launch your idea forward. Each video comes with an attached activity to help guide you through the topic. These videos can be watched in any order.

design thinking

Design thinking is a process that helps you make sense of complex problems and identify potential solutions. This video walks you through how to use design thinking to generate ideas, gain insight, and reduce risk.

Design Thinking Activity

creating an elevator speech

An elevator speech, or elevator pitch, is a short verbal presentation that tells someone what your business is. This video walks you through how to write and give a great elevator speech that will 'wow' your audience!

customer discovery

Customer discovery is an important step that helps you identify your customer's problems and needs. This video will walk you through how to have a great customer discovery conversation to increase your chance of success.

Customer Discovery Activity

Additional Resources

We work closely with entrepreneurial groups from across the state in an effort to improve Iowa's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Check out some of the Iowa groups that offer programs and events throughout the state of Iowa.

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