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ENTR: 1010 Exploring Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 1020 Business Innovation
ENTR: 1030 STEM Innovator
ENTR: 1300 First Year Seminar
ENTR: 1350 Foundations in Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 1800 Innovation in Action: Sustainability
ENTR: 2000 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENTR: 2800 Entrepreneurial Experience
ENTR: 3000 Practicum in Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 3050 Professional Preparation for Enterprise Leadership and Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 3100 Entrepreneurial Finance
ENTR: 3200 Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTR: 3400 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
ENTR: 3500 Social Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 3520 Starting Up the Arts Start-up
ENTR: 3595 Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness 1
ENTR: 3600 E-Commerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs
ENTR: 3700 Sustainable Product Innovation and Management
ENTR: 3800 Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy I
ENTR: 3850 Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy II
ENTR: 4000 Topics in Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 4050 Directed Readings in Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 4100 International Entrepreneurship and Culture
ENTR: 4200 Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting
ENTR: 4300 Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning
ENTR: 4400 Managing the Growth Business
ENTR: 4450 Professional Sports Management
ENTR: 4460 Entrepreneurship and Global Trade
ENTR: 4510 Arts Leadership Seminar
ENTR: 4900 Academic Internship
ENTR: 4999 Honors Thesis in Entrepreneurial Studies
ENTR: 9000 Developing Professional Service Business
ENTR: 9100 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENTR: 9400 Evaluating Innovation Opportunities
ENTR: 9450 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
ENTR: 9500 Managing the Growth of Business
ENTR: 9550 Commercializing New Technology
ENTR: 9600 Seminar in Entrepreneurship
ENTR: 9700 Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting

ENTR: 9800

Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning