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The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with an Entrepreneurial Management Track is specifically designed to teach entrepreneurial skills that will prepare you for a variety of exciting career opportunities. This program will shape you into an entrepreneurial-minded leader, innovative manager, and strategic problem-solver – differentiating you from the crowd.


To earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with an Entrepreneurial Management Track, you must be accepted into the Tippie School of Business. Students enrolled in the major must complete 21 semester hours of course work and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all course work.

In addition to meeting with your advisor, you'll also use the course planning worksheet—it will help you know what courses you need to take for your major, as well as help you plan when you'll take them. Plan your course schedule with the worksheet and read about the courses you'll be taking below.

Course planning worksheet

NEW: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

Expand your skill-set and gain a competitive advantage in finding an internship or full-time job by participating in the new Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy. This select opportunity is a two-course sequence that helps students develop advanced leadership skills and then apply them to a semester-long strategic management consulting project. 

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Major courses

These courses are open to declared majors only. Two-thirds of the major hours must be completed at Iowa.

Professional Preparation for Management (MGMT:3050)
Survey of career paths in the field of management through discussions with individuals working in human resources, management consulting, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more; hands-on activities for students to hone the skills required to succeed in today's workplace. (1 s.h.)

Dynamics of Negotiations (MGMT:4100)
Predictable aspects and dynamics of bargaining experiences; simulations, and experiential exercises to foster skills needed for effective negotiation in almost any situation. Requirement: 90 s.h. completed. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurial Management Track courses

Complete all of these:

Entrepreneurial Finance (ENTR:3100)
Understanding financial aspects of new and growing ventures; focus on preparing financial projections, analyzing financial performance, managing cash flow, and determining financial feasibility; detailed overview of various sources of capital available for start-up and growing ventures. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurial Strategy (MGMT:3100)
The synergistic effect of entrepreneurial attributes (e.g., innovation, creativity, opportunity recognition) and managerial attributes (e.g., strategic management, planning, budgeting) on profit and nonprofit organizations. (3 s.h.)

Leading Innovation (MGMT:3250)
Knowledge and skills needed to lead teams and organizations to achieve innovative outcomes; at the team level, students learn how to build a team with the right people in the right roles, manage team processes, and lead cross-functional teams to achieve collaborative outcomes; at the organizational level, students learn how to design human resource systems that support talent management for innovative organizations and how structure and culture may influence innovation within organizations. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting (ENTR:4200)
Students provide strategic business consulting services to startup and early-stage companies; exploration of consulting process (proposal development, data collection and analysis, team dynamics, communications with clients, developing recommendations, final report preparation, and presentation); projects involving market research and analysis, financial analysis and projections, and strategic business and operations planning. Prerequisite: MGMT:2100. Requirement: 60 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.)

Managing the Growth Business (ENTR:4400)
Preparation to effectively manage employees, customers, and suppliers; leadership for a growing entrepreneurial venture; opportunities to evaluate, practice, and refine critical professional management skills. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100. Requirement: 75 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.) 

Complete 3 s.h. from these:

Practicum in Entrepreneurship (ENTR:3000)
Applied, experiential learning opportunities designed to foster development of entrepreneurial leadership skills; opportunity recognition and assessment, strategic business planning, innovation and creativity, team leadership, professional communication skills, strategy development, and execution. (1-3 s.h.)

Sustainable Product Innovation and Management (ENTR:3700)
Sustainability requirements in management of new product and process development from the perspective of the senior-level executive responsible for a firm's business and operational strategies; student teams will develop a new sustainable product or undertake applied field study projects to gain firsthand experience with sustainability practices and strategies within a company. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100 or MGMT:3000. Requirement: 60 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.)

International Entrepreneurship and Culture (ENTR:4100)
International entrepreneurship and business strategy, foreign exchange, tariffs and trade, microfinance, economic conditions and culture of destination countries; students will travel abroad and have hands-on experience working with in-country entrepreneurs and will analyze international businesses; focus will be on evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities, identifying sustainable growth strategies, and understanding international business culture. Prerequisite: MGMT:3100. Requirement: 60 s.h. earned. (3 s.h.)

Entrepreneurship: Advanced Business Planning (ENTR:4300)
Creation and launch of a new venture; completion of a detailed business plan, creating an elevator pitch, and formal presentation of plan. (3 s.h.)

Academic Internship (ENTR:4900)
Professional internship experience with academic credit (e.g., paper, coursework). (1-3 s.h.)


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