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The Bachelor of Arts in Enterprise Leadership major provides an option for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students wanting to focus on business leadership. The major presents a unique blend of skills, theory, and content, encouraging students to apply their knowledge and skills to entrepreneurial concepts and ventures. Offering a combination of business and liberal arts approaches, the major allows students to enhance their skills in communication, leadership, innovation, and critical thinking. Even better yet, this major is available on campus in both Iowa City and Des Moines, as well as online for the convenience of our students.

This major is administered by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center and the degree is awarded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Launch your career

When you graduate with an Enterprise Leadership degree, you will have a solid foundation in entrepreneurial management, leadership, and communication skills that will prepare you for a variety of professional career opportunities, including starting your own business. You'll apply innovative problem solving and critical thinking skills to contemporary issues, develop strategies to seize upon opportunities, and build and lead successful teams.

Whether you choose to work in a corporate, mid-sized business, or nonprofit setting, you’ll be prepared for positions in general management, business analysis, marketing and communications, management consulting, and project management.


Students will complete courses from the following six areas of study:
  • Foundation
  • Entrepreneurship/Business
  • Leadership
  • U.S. Cultural Diversity
  • Communications
  • Capstone Experience

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  • Minimum of 120 s.h., including a minimum of 47 s.h. of work for the major
  • Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.00 in all courses
  • All students must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program

* Students may earn the BA in Enterprise Leadership or the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, but not both.


  • Significant experiential learning opportunities within the curriculum—students will apply their learning to real-world problems throughout the program
  • Substantial support for students seeking to launch a new business including mentoring, access to capital, and technical support
  • Opportunities to network with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and University of Iowa alumni


Please review the following clarifications with your advisor.

  • Students in the BA in Enterprise Leadership can double major, however they must follow the “no more than three course overlap” rule
  • Students enrolled in the BA in Enterprise Leadership cannot also pursue the Entrepreneurial Management Certificate
  • Students in the BA in Enterprise Leadership may also pursue a Business minor as long as they follow the “no more than three course overlap” rule
  • Students in the BA in Enterprise Leadership may also pursue a Leadership Certificate as long as there are no more than two courses that overlap.

Graduate with honors in the major

Take your credibility up a notch by graduating with honors in the major of Enterprise Leadership. Honors designation shows employers and graduate admissions committees that you were both successful in your coursework and interested in going above and beyond usual graduation requirements to distinguish yourself. It is evidence of an ability to research, write, work collaboratively with a faculty member, present research and findings to the public, and achieve a goal.

Honors in the major

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