Iowa Startup Games

Launching Student Startups

Our student venture programs bring together students from across campus to share their ideas and learn how to launch a business. Whether students join the Founders Club, or one of our other training and ideation programs, we provide them with the support and resources they need to launch their startup. This past year our student venture programs included our highest student enrollment numbers yet.

Each semester we engage students from all areas of study by hosting our IdeaStorm Competitions and Iowa Startup Games. IdeaStorms are entry level pitch events that bring students together to share their creative ideas in under two minutes. Iowa Startup Games brings multi-disciplinary student teams together to build a business over one intensive weekend-long program.

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2019 Impact


Students pitched their ideas at Iowa JPEC competitions


Students participated in the Founders Club program


Awarded in seed funding to student businesses


  • Open to all UI students
  • Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory (business incubator)
  • Startup training
  • Funding opportunities
  • Technical support
  • National award winning student businesses
  • Mentoring and consulting


  • Founders Club
  • Hawkeye Startup Accelerator
  • Iowa Medical Innovation Group (IMIG)
  • Pitch Competitions
  • Business Model Competitions
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Hawkeye Pitch-Off in Chicago


Featured Student Businesses

wanderlust wraps


“The Iowa JPEC program has been more than helpful in moving our business along. The resources alone have made an impact on the success of our business. With the help of our mentor, we have been able to make connections that we never thought were possible. With continuous Iowa JPEC support, we are excited and confident to move forward with our business.”

No Limbits

Founder | Erica Cole (Chemistry '19) | 2019 UI Student Startup of the Year

Erica Cole founded No Limbits in Fall 2018 a few months after losing her leg in a tragic car accident. Cole didn’t want the loss of her leg to define her, so she came up with the idea to create affordable, 3D-printed prosthetic covers to allow amputees to take control of the narrative of their prosthesis and express their individual style. After pitching her idea at our IdeaStorm competition and winning, she decided to continue with our competitions and programming to receive additional training and funding to help launch her business. Cole is currently working to expand the products No Limbits is offering to include a clothing line that accommodates prostheses.

asonus tech


Asonus Tech is developing an application for smart devices that alerts its hearing-impaired wearer to important noises such as doorbells and smoke detectors. This year, Asonus Tech represented UI at the International Business Model Competition and received one of the top prizes of $5,000 at the Pappajohn Student Venture Competition. The company was previously named the Hubert E. Storer Engineering Student Entrepreneurial Startup Award in 2018.