Noah Berkson’s (BA Enterprise Leadership, ‘14) passion for entrepreneurship stemmed from a door-to-door sales job he had in high school. He says this is where he learned to love overcoming rejection. Berkson believes, “learning to accept and embrace rejection is very important at a young age.” He brought this belief with him to college and joined Iowa JPEC’s I-Envision student organization. He soon started his own software design and development company, Bellwether, during his sophomore year.

Berkson greatly appreciated his time at the UI. He said, “Being associated with the University gives you a unique opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in the Midwest. In my case, becoming close with people like Ravi Patel and Roby Miller, both extraordinary entrepreneurs, helped to mentor me and avoid common founder mistakes.” He credits his UI entrepreneurship classes with providing a pathway for students who do not intend to go the traditional nine to five route.

After exiting Bellwether, Berkson went into technology consulting but learned that his passion was actually in building companies. Berkson was brought into Doc & I to build organization and operating processes, to help scale the company in the 340B market. The 340B Drug Pricing Program supports local healthcare providers in being able to offer care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Doc & I works to maximize the 340B program benefits. Berkson is currently the COO of Doc & I, and oversees all business operations.

In addition to working at Doc & I, Berkson co-founded Kubo Health, a health-tech company focused on redefining the patient experience and leveraging real-time data to facilitate better health outcomes. He plans to continue building companies that activate better health outcomes for patients globally.

“Get started now. I think one mistake people make is waiting to start a business, making excuses that they are too young, don’t have enough money, and so on," Berkson says. "Being young is one of your biggest advantages when starting a company. It is the one point in your life where everyone wants to help you succeed because they don’t see you as a threat, use it to your advantage.”