Lucy Amaniyo is the founder of Dr. Lucy’s Medical Clinic, a medical facility located in Uganda that offers a multitude of services that works to promote health education with a focus on women and children in rural areas. Since her time in Iowa City with the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Lucy has utilized resources Iowa JPEC offers to support businesses, including student business consulting to help further the success of her business.


As part of the business consulting program, what project did you have your student team work on?

The consulting team worked on the Dr. Lucy’s Medical clinic project. The main purpose of the project was to extensively research information based on the three objectives the consulting group and I agreed on previously. These included professionalizing the business description content by reviewing marketing content, researching media content to help create a website and other social media, encompassing my clinic’s story of how it got where it is today, developing a new business model by conducting research and on financial tracking resources and alternatives to current hand-written system, and recommending options and sources of external funding of finance and needed lab/medical equipment. The student consulting team then made recommendations based on the research and results they found.

What were the final results of the consulting project?

The team found that it was crucial for my clinic to start a complete professional overhaul of the write up of the business, media content editing, creation of a website, Facebook page and other outlets that encompass Dr. Lucy’s Medical Clinic’s story. The team also recommended the development of a new business model by researching different financial and client tracking systems as an alternative to the current hand-written systems. The team provided different options and an estimated cost for each. The team also recommended that my clinic identify different sources of external funding and came up with a list of potential funders that I could approach for possible funding and donation of medical equipment.

Were you happy with the finals results of the consulting project?

I was extremely delighted with the results of the project. My team was very professional and really helped me to identify priority areas to address in making Dr. Lucy’s medical clinic a more professional and profitable business. The recommendations offered were very reasonable, do-able, affordable, and specific. It allowed me to be able to implement these changes with ease. Furthermore, the team understood that even though the project is a private-for-profit business, some services are offered for free and helped me to identify potential funding in order to increase and improve the delivery of these services.

What was the most beneficial part of participating in this program for your company?

Through this program, my company was able to identify priority areas to focus on, including developing and establishing an online presence for the clinic. In addition, digitalization of our medical records using the different software to ease our record keeping has made it much easier to keep track of patients. We also received help in identifying potential sources of funding and donation of medical equipment. The team helped us to organize our ideas and put them in a more professional manner and went ahead to identify potential partners. We are forever grateful for that.

What was your favorite part about working with the UI consulting students?

The students were young, energetic and full of life. Even though we kept things really professional, they were warm and friendly, and by the end of the project, we were good friends. We really got to know each other through our weekly WhatsApp and Skype calls and I was sad when the project came to an end. I pray that I will get a chance to meet them in this lifetime.

Would you recommended business consulting projects to other companies?

Yes! Most definitely. There’s always something for not only the students, but for yourself to learn. I learned about importance of professionalism and what kind of service I should expect from projects like these. My team was always professional, always updating me on the progress of the project, delivering on time, consulting me before making any recommendations/decisions, and giving me weekly reports. I was very impressed.

What’s one piece of advice you give to companies interested in using these resources?

Making the decision to do business consulting is the first step in improving your company. Be open with the team doing your consulting, be involved, ask for regular reports and ensure that you get feasible recommendations. At the end of the process, implement these recommendations, and regularly monitor and evaluate your progress.