A week of summer fun in Okoboji

Liza Strueva participated in Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute (OEI) in the summer of 2016. Students traveled to Okoboji, Iowa, where they were welcomed into the program and introduced to their host families. Over the course of the next few days, students heard stories from experienced entrepreneurs, attended networking events, splashed in the lakes of northwestern Iowa, and grew in their entrepreneurial journey.

OEI brings students together from the University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University, Iowa Lakes Community College, and Buena Vista University under the roof of Lakeside Lab near Okoboji. Lakeside Lab was founded in 1909 by Dr. Thomas Macbride, a naturalist and botanist who served as the tenth President of the University of Iowa. While the space was originally created to study the wildlife and natural areas of Iowa, OEI student entrepreneurs found it just as useful for pitching their business ideas in business plan competitions and lunching with venture capitalists.

When students weren’t taking part in speaker panels, entrepreneurial simulations, or business research, they left the classroom to bask in the waters of Iowa’s Great Lakes. Whether it was boating, jet skiing, tubing, or swimming, the young entrepreneurs enjoyed spending some of their last days of summer on the lake. In the evenings, they participated in networking events with local entrepreneurs and their fellow OEI students.

A unique experience for Iowa student entrepreneurs

For Liza Strueva, former CEO of Culturally Connected, OEI’s hands-on learning opportunities and out-of-the-classroom activities are part of what makes being an Iowa JPEC entrepreneur so special. “It is my first time at OEI, and it won’t be my last. The program is incredible. It lasts for one busy week, but with the amount of knowledge and experience we receive, it feels like a month. The skills we have acquired here are not something we can learn in school.”

Strueva is new to entrepreneurship, as she decided to go into the field in January 2015. When she first got involved, she had no idea was she was getting herself into. Although she was out of her comfort zone at first, she quickly learned to appreciate Iowa JPEC courses and knew that she had found her calling. Shortly after this discovery, she decided to participate in Iowa Startup Games, a weekend-long event that teams students up to create new businesses.

Creating a business in Iowa Startup Games

It was here that Strueva came up with the idea for Culturally Connected, a professional cultural mentoring service for new international students. Since founding the company, Strueva and her team have worked to become better entrepreneurs. The team is fully committed to making Culturally Connected a household name, participating in Iowa JPEC competitions and Student Accelerator Program to learn about entrepreneurship and win cash prizes to grow the business.

Participating in OEI was just another way for Strueva to step out of her comfort zone and engage with the entrepreneurial community. “Both Iowa JPEC and OEI influence me to dream beyond the comfort zone and what is easy. I have a chance to surround myself with incredibly successful people who are extremely hard workers. Being surrounded by such a crowd inspires me to challenge myself – how far can I go, what can I achieve. With every single person I meet, the common goals we all have are to make a bigger, better, more welcoming community of entrepreneurs that are always willing to help and inspire each other.”