Since his visit to Iowa, Jonase has reflected on the impacts the Mandela Washington Fellowship has had on him and his business. From changing of his business plans and ideas to the learning of new business skills, he knows that this program has had a lasting impact on what he does in the future to further the success of his business. 

What is your biggest takeaway from your time at the University of Iowa for the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program? Why?

Well, my biggest takeaway from my time at the University of Iowa was the business skills that I obtained from class.  I have not been able to run my business in an organized way before, so this lesson helped me a lot to understand the dynamics of the business environment in general.

Have the skills you learned been helpful in your ventures? Which ones, and how did you apply them?

Among the skills that I learned and that were helpful to my venture are: Value Proposition, Value chain, Customer Archetype and Product difference.

If you could give one tip or piece of advice to the new 2018 fellows, what would it be?

They should first of all be willing to learn and make better use of the first weeks in Iowa. I am saying this because by the time we started understanding things better in class and on community service, we were past the half way of our stay in Iowa.  So they should make hay during sunshine.

What was the highlight of your time at The University of Iowa or your favorite moment during the fellowship?

My favorite part was the community service that we rendered.  I had always wanted to help people in need and extend a helping hand to the vulnerable.  Going out for games, e.g. bowling was very enjoyable.

How are your entrepreneurial ventures going? Have they grown? Have you explored or started new ones?

I have improved the way we have been doing things or running the business.  We are intending to launch emergency motor bikes as our new way getting to the patient fast, which is our core operational focus.

How do you personally feel you have grown or changed (in perspective, in knowledge, as a person etc.) because of the fellowship program?

Exchanging ideas and knowledge with other fellows was very eye opening.  We used to interact with other fellows and discuss topic of interest, either business or social.  I have improved a lot in my way of doing things, especially my interpersonal relationships.

Give a brief summary of your life since the fellowship program for instance: wedding, addition to the family (new birth), new job, promotion, new project, new company, new project line, etc.

During my fellowship in Iowa, I was expecting my first born during the month of September 2017. And Guess what! Just a week after my arrival at home my first born was delivered.  I love my wife so much; she means the world to me.  The new adventure is the Emergency Care Council of Lesotho – ECCL is the new non-profit organization that we come up with since I came back from Iowa.  This is a body that is going to govern all emergency personnel in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.