Dayton Trent, a recent graduate from the College of Pharmacy, always had aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. What started with a passion to give patients the best care, turned into an idea that would be the foundation of his business, Meduco.

Trent founded Meduco in 2018 while undergoing the rigorous University of Iowa College of Pharmacy curriculum. Doing both simultaneously was risky and occupied much of his time. After completing his pharmacy rotations, Trent realized that Meduco could save pharmacists 1.6 hours a day per pharmacy. With that realization, he decided to bet on himself and launch his business.

Meduco’s patent-pending solution utilizes interactive educational software that aims to reduce the problem of medication nonadherence. This solution allows patients to interact with a virtual pharmacist and an innovative delivery system ensures the best and consistent information with every interaction. The software engages the patient in interactive questions to assess understanding, which notifies healthcare providers to intervene and rectify as appropriate. Meduco offers Spanish and other language options to increase access to care. Meduco provides risk avoidance to pharmacists and prescribers as well as metrics to track medication counseling.

Starting a business while attending pharmacy school is not an easy task to accomplish. Trent credits his team in helping drive his business to success. “It was easy developing a plan in my head, but I knew it would not all come together overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. Having a team that continues to grow throughout this journey has helped a lot. It’s been really rewarding having a group of people working to achieve the same goal,” he stated.

When creating the technology, Trent wanted to ensure it had a positive impact on patients and pharmacists alike. “Through customer discovery we determined that pharmacists suggest there are three main pain points in medication counseling. First, is lack of time. Second, there are language barriers. Third, patients don’t want to wait to be counseled or the patient has already been informed about their medication prior, at the doctor’s office.” By gathering the pharmacists’ and patients’ data, Trent has created medication education software that will not only expedite picking up medication, but will offer a more informative solution to the patient as well.

After Trent decided to pursue his business idea, he began to inquire and research programs that would help him. That is when he discovered the University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC). Right away he took full advantage of the programs and competitions Iowa JPEC offered. He started by participating in an IdeaStorm pitch competition followed by a more advanced Business Model Competition. Trent then worked his way up to being a finalist in the 2019 Pappajohn Student Venture Competition and pitching at Chicago Pitch Madness. Trent also joined Iowa JPEC’s Founders Club, a program designed to be a resource for students starting their own business.

Iowa JPEC also introduced Trent to his mentors Roby Miller, Iowa JPEC alum and founder of TelePharm, a telepharmacy software company, and John Courtney, Iowa JPEC faculty and former Vice President of eBay. He says they have been “extremely valuable” in his business’ growth.

Trent’s business, Meduco, is progressing quickly and taking huge strides towards success. Upon graduating from the College of Pharmacy, Trent participated in Iowa JPEC’s Hawkeye Startup Accelerator in which he further developed his company over the summer. Meduco will launch pilot programs with pharmacies and doctors’ offices across the Midwest including NuCara Pharmacies, Hometown Pharmacies, and Genesis Health. Meduco is also in communication with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, UnityPoint Health, Walgreens, Walmart, and other companies across the US who are potential future partners.

Moving forward, Trent is hoping to expand Meduco to accommodate mail order pharmacy. “With Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack, the move in the industry is toward delivered medications which is ideal for our technology.”

Trent desires to be an innovator in the industry for patients and has a product roadmap for success. He wants to encourage other students who have an idea but don’t have the traditional business background to think outside the box as well. “If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make one phone call or send one email. You never know what might happen. It could result in making your idea a success and could impact lives worldwide.”

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