College Academy LLC

WizeUp LLC

Student Entrepreneur

Sanjay Ananthanarayan
Biomedical Engineering with Computer Science & Mathematics minor, Technological Entrepreneurship certificate, May 2021

About the business

WizeUp LLC is an online tutoring service for college students. The service allows the students to understand the concepts in class, so they can do their homework on their own, better preparing them for exams. WizeUp allows students to understand the concepts and hopefully retain it once they join the work force.

About the founder

Sanjay Ananthanarayan founded WizeUp in spring of 2018 as a participant in the Iowa Startup Games. Going through college, he saw that students relied on Google to look up homework problems, find solutions, copy down answers down and turn it in. This company has helped Sanjay as well do better in his college classes and would like to do the same for other students.