Students Care

Students Care

The Team

Michael Penniman
Finance - Spring 2019
Peter Easler
Business Analytics and Finance - Spring 2020
Jacob Newcomb
BBA Accounting – Spring 2020

About the business

Students Care is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of improving the college experience for students with disabilities. They offer student-to-student services such as in-home care, campus assistance, and tutoring. In addition to these services, Students Care focuses on building relationships between student caretakers and student clients that promote integration into the college experience. Over the past year, Students Care has placed 3rd in the Business Model Competition, 2nd at the Hawkeye Innovation Expo, and 2nd at the Rose Francis Pitch competition. Now, Students Care serves six clients at the University of Iowa, and has expanded to Iowa State University. 

About the founders 

Students Care was started by Peter Easler, Jacob Newcomb, and Michael Penniman. During their freshman year, Peter and Jacob became caretakers for Michael and they immediately grew to be good friends. It was this first try at student-to-student care that sparked the business idea for Students Care. They founded the organization after solving the problems Michael was facing with his own care. The group found that student-to-student care is more personal and ultimately provides students with disabilities the accessibility to attend college. Their goal is to spread the organization and services to universities around the country to help improve the college experience for students with disabilities everywhere.