No Limbits

No Limbits

Student Entrepreneur

Erica Cole
BA Chemistry –Spring 2019

About the business

No Limbits is a company created by an amputee for amputees. They create affordable, custom 3D-printed prosthesis covers. This unique company makes it easy for customers to send in their fit and the design they want. No Limbits outlines the process in three simple steps: send a picture of the prosthesis and sound leg, the 3D-printer creates the custom shaped prosthetic cover, and finally a design can be chosen for the cover!

About the founder

Erica Cole founded No Limbits in Fall 2018 after losing her leg in a car crash. When she started wearing her prosthetic leg, she became uncomfortable with the stares and questions she was receiving from others. So, she decided to change the conversation. She designed herself a homemade prosthetic cover with a stained-glass pattern and immediately the stares and the questions changed. Once the idea formed in her head, there was no stopping her from helping other amputees that had similar encounters. Erica pitched her idea starting at an Iowa JPEC IdeaStorm competition. After winning, she knew this could turn into something big. After winning multiple competitions and receiving seed funding she was finally able to get her business off the ground.


Office located in MERGE, downtown Iowa City