Student Entrepreneur

Christian Besame
Computer Science Engineering, 2022 is the first online distributor of Malika beauty products to the U.S. market. Well known in Pakistan and India, the Malika brand offers an affordable alternative to drug store beauty brands for consumers seeking skin creams and cleansers designed to reduce spots, discoloration and acne. With a website and active social media platforms, seeks to create awareness of the Malika brand, and convert U.S. consumers into fans.

Founder Christian Besame is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo and has lived in several countries in Africa, including Zimbabwe as a refugee. He has resided in the United States since 2015 and currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He enjoys music, soccer and comedies. His long term entrepreneurial goal is to start a tech company focused on wireless distribution of electricity.  In addition to his studies, Christian works full time as a Caregiver at To the Rescue in Cedar Rapids.