Johs & Son

Student Entrepreneur

Adam Johs
Enterprise Leadership – Spring 2021

About the business

Johs & Son is a local lawn and landscape company. They specialize in working with residential property owners to take care of outdoor services such as lawn care, small landscape jobs, and garden maintenance. The company focuses on leading by example, providing customers with the best quality of care, customer service, and integrity in each job. The company’s long-term mission is to leave a healthy imprint everywhere it goes and create a better world by improving one home at a time.

About the founder

Adam founded Johs & Son in the summer of 2018 out of his passion for enhancing existing outdoor spaces and turning them into something spectacular. Previously, he has worked for local residential homeowners in his hometown, Burlington, IA. With his 5+ years of experience within this industry, he knows how to provide homeowners with what they want. To him, a home is where a family is raised, memories are made, and joy is felt. With that, he believes that a home extends far past the physical walls of a house. That is why the team at Johs & Son dedicates their knowledge and expertise to changing peoples' lives by giving them a beautiful experience of the great outdoors.