The Team

Haley Jensen
Health & Human Physiology, BA in Health Promotion, Spring 2018
Norm Althoff
Exercise Science, Spring 2018
Matt Lewis
Health & Human Physiology with an Entrepreneurial Management certificate, Spring 2020
Kyle Folken
Mechanical Engineering with a Technological Entrepreneurship certificate, Spring 2020

About the business

HeadsIn is a Health-IT software-as-a-service company whose mission is to elevate the well-being of student-athletes and open the door for them to speak comfortably about their mental health with individuals in their support network. They will do this by monitoring and tracking student-athlete mental health expressions in a secure survey system within a mobile application. Student-athletes will answer surveys regarding quality of life, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. These results will be flagged and sent to team athletic trainers, where they can analyze the data and can decide if a certain student-athlete needs further help within a certain topic and steer them towards a sports psychologist.

About the founders

In the spring of 2017, the co-founders were all in a class together called Entrepreneurship and Innovation here at the University of Iowa. They had an assignment where they needed to come up with a business idea, create a business plan, and present it to the class. At the end of the semester, they decided to bring the idea to life.