Jade Peterson_Funny Nuggets

Funny Nuggets

Student Entrepreneur

Jade Peterson
BA Elementary Education, BBA Marketing, Fall 2020

About the business

Funny Nuggets is the Comedy Clubhouse for Kids. They bring their interactive program and entertaining cast into existing facilities such as schools, churches, and recreation centers to put on a pop-up comedy experience for kids while giving parents a break. Their unique program combines a skit, craft, and games. The best part is that children become a part of the show and interact with each other to build social skills, confidence, and creativity without touching their devices once. Funny Nuggets can't have FuN without U! 

About the founder

Jade Founded Funny Nuggets in spring 2017 as a participant in the Iowa JPEC Iowa Startup Games. Growing up she loved to put on ridiculously silly plays in her living room with her friends and family. At the time those were just silly shows, but looking back she recognized that those performances helped to develop her creativity, public speaking skills, and overall confidence. This realization led her to start Funny Nuggets to bring her childhood experience to other children and to help them become strong confident leaders as well. Funny Nuggets took off during the Summer 2018 Hawkeye Startup Accelerator and has held events in a number of venues such as the Iowa Children's Museum and Iowa City Public Library.