Student Entrepreneur

Eric Brosch
Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry, Entrepreneurial Management certificate, Summer 2019

About the business

FloraKeep is a new, organic flower preservative. Florists use flower food to keep roses, tulips, and other flowers looking fresh so that people can enjoy them. FloraKeep helps both florists and their customers by extending the vase-life of flowers by preventing wilting. It can be sold as the little packet of flower food one would get with a dozen roses, or as bigger containers for larger amounts of flowers. It keeps flowers fresh by itself, and increases the benefits of current preservatives.

About the founder

Eric Brosch founded FloraKeep in March 2018 to participate in the Iowa JPEC Business Model Competition. As a Biochemistry major with a minor in Chemistry, his research project led him to use an organic compound to help flowers stay fresh. Since then, he has been developing FloraKeep in order to extend the shelf-life of cut flowers for florists and consumers alike.  

Eric is also developing another product, DeFoggles. His campus job in the Chemistry Instructional Laboratories showed him just how often safety goggles fog up, acting as a potential hazard and lowering overall productivity. He came up with a small insert for goggles that prevents fogging, which he has been personally using since. They can also be used in scuba and ski goggles. His participation in the Founder’s Club has helped him work on and develop both DeFoggles and FloraKeep, both of which he aims to patent and bring to market. 



#201 at the BELL (322 N. Clinton St, Iowa City)