FEM Power

The Team

Mallory Lefkowitz
Enterprise Leadership, Spring 2018
Laura Schwager
BA Interdepartmental Studies, Spring 2020

About the Business

FEMPower is a protein supplement designed for female physiology. FEM Power's mission is to provide the active female exposure to a plant-based protein source that provides fuel and recovery. Our simplicity in both taste and ingredients allows customers to enjoy an an experience of fulfillment rather than hesitation and fear. We offer protein powders that are designed by women, for women. We want to create business transactions in which women feel confident that the supplements they ingest are sustainably sourced and contain only the highest quality ingredients for hormonal health, digestive healing, post-workout recovery, and longevity. We also want to increase accessibility so that all communities and demographics can purchase our products and reach the physiological and psychological states necessary to achieve their highest potential.

About the Founders

As a Division I field hockey player at the University of Iowa, Mallory Lefkowitz was more than accustomed to hard workouts and soreness. What she couldn’t stomach, literally, was the protein powders that followed each workout. These products, with roots in the male body building industry, just weren’t designed for women. She and her teammates felt bulky and nauseated, and dreaded every sip. They thought there HAD to be a better way to give their bodies the post-workout fuel it needed. Lefkowitz decided to reach out to elite female athletes across the country to get their input on protein recovery. It became clear that these women shared her frustration at the lack of female-specific formulations. With numerous hours of brainstorming, researching and customer discovery, Lefkowitz formulated a plant-based, simple, superfood powder that we like to refer to as FEM Power Restore. Lefkowitz hopes you love its taste and feel great drinking it after your workout. That’s what you deserve.

Laura Schwager is a writer, researcher, and entrepreneur in global health and sustainability. Schwager's work with functional medicine and nutritional epidemiology inspired her to work with Lefkowitz as a sustainable business consultant for FEMPower, which she believes to be one of the highest quality protein supplements on the market. She is actively endeavoring to raise the standards for a triple bottom line in the female supplement industry. Their goals include: 100% transparency for customers about where their ingredients are sourced, social sustainability and equitable access to health supplements, and minimizing the environmental load of their manufacturing process. Schwager currently oversees FEMPower operations in Iowa, partnering with athletes and health promoters, functional medicine clinics, and health food stores. She is grateful to have the opportunity to create a healthier and happier community through this company, which wouldn’t be possible without the Founder’s Club.