Thursday, May 24, 2012

In partnership with Ernst & Young, the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Quick Pitch Biz Competition. Held for the first time this spring, Quick Pitch is a statewide business plan competition that is open to all Iowa high school students who have an existing business or idea for a new business.

In addition to winning seed capital to support their businesses, the top prize winner will receive an all expense paid trip to Ernst & Young’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award ceremony in Kansas City on June 5.

Sixteen finalists were chosen to present an elevator pitch out of 62 teams that entered. The 16 teams presented their elevator pitch via Skype in front of a panel of judges, competing for a total of $6,000 in seed grants.

The winners were:

  • 1st Place, $2,000—NetTap LLC (FrostFly), Jacob Taylor (9th grader at Earlham High School). NetTap LLC’s first product, FrostFly, is a full screen web browsing application for Apple’s iDevice family. Frostfly is available for download via iTunes.
  • 2nd Place, $1,500—Chelle ‘n Nelle Vaccinations, Lynelle Mogler (11th grader at West Lyon High School). Chelle ‘n Nelle Vaccinations is a vaccinating service for nursery and wean-to-finish pigs. The company targets busy farmers providing satisfying and affordable vaccinating service to customers in northwest Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.
  • 3rd Place, $1,000—Precision Striping, Dan Giles (12th grader at West Des Moines Valley High School). Precision Striping is a full-service parking lot striping company providing high-quality work at competitive prices to small- and medium-sized businesses in the greater Des Moines area.
  • Honorable Mention, $500—Lind Panels Inc., Collin Lind (11th grader at Laurens-Marathon High School). Lind Panels LLC is aimed at using electrical technology to improve sorting and loading out panels for livestock.
  • Honorable Mention, $500—Quick Notes, Niall Oliver & Matt Poulton (11th graders at Iowa City City High School). Quick Notes is an application aimed at improving student access to well-written classroom notes.
  • Honorable Mention, $500—ProPitcher, Briley Sullivan (10th grader at Laurens-Marathon High School). ProPitcher is a technology-based product aimed at improving a softball pitcher’s performance.
  • School Award, $1,000 + YouthBizCentral license for 2012-13—Iowa City City High School, Andrew Leman, presented to the school with the most student applicants.
  • Special Recognition, $250 + YouthBizCentral license for 2012-13—Laurens-Marathon High School, Susan Oehlertz, presented to the teacher with the most student finalists.

The following judges and mentors provided feedback and mentoring during the competition:

  • Dawn Bowlus, Director, Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship, University of Iowa
  • Richard McCarty, Faculty, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, University of Iowa
  • Ashley Zierath, Marketing and Events Coordinator, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, University of Iowa
  • Lauren Wittig, Student Intern (Marketing Major), Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship, University of Iowa

More information about the Quick Pitch Biz Competition and the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship can be found online at