The power of Agile in startups

October 5, 2017

SwineTech holds a planning meeting that is used as a segway to explain why Agile matters for startups. Read more online.

University of Iowa, SwineTech awarded Arrow Innovation Prize

September 30, 2017

SwineTech, a Founder's Club alumni, took home the Arrow Innovation Prize with their invention, SmartGaurd, at the National Inventors Hall of Fame 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition.

Save the Piggies

July 15, 2017

Matthew Rooda, University of Iowa alumni and founder of SwineTech, created a device to prevent piglets from being crushed by their mothers, and therefore save the pork industry billions of dollars.

Students Aim to Save Piglets With the Use of Wearables

July 6, 2017

Matthew Rooda, co-founder of SwineTech, describes how he navigated the business development process. SwineTech develops wearable devices to help save piglets.

Using vibrations and shocks, monitor may help farms prevent piglet crushing deaths

June 28, 2017

Matthew Rooda, the CEO of SwineTech, a company working to save the lives of piglets through a shock device, mentions the progress of his product and possibilities of future developments.

Device designed to reduce devastating piglet crushing

June 2, 2017

Matthew Rooda of SwineTech, a company working to reduce piglet crushing, describes the history and creation of his business. Read more online.

Innovation of the week: SwineTech

April 30, 2017

SwineTech is developing a wearable device to prevent sows from crushing their piglets. They are planning a soft launch to occur in June.

Iowa start-up SwineTech raises $1.3 million to help piglets live

May 26, 2017

SwineTech, a business founded by University of Iowa alumni, has developed a device to protect piglets from getting killed by sows. The company has brought in about $1.3 million in investment money to date.

EXCLUSIVE: SwineTech Raises $1.3m Series A to Stop Sows Crushing their Piglets

May 24, 2017

SwineTech, a business started by University of Iowa student Mathew Rooda, aims to reduce the number of piglets being crushed by their mothers with a wearable device. The company has participated in a wide range of pitch competitions and has just recently raised $1.3 million in Series A funding.

This tech could save millions of piglets from accidentally being crushed

May 22, 2017

Matthew Rooda, a University of Iowa senior and CEO of SwineTech, developed SmartGuard, a device used to detect piglets in distress and prevent their mothers from crushing them. The device has faced some controversy.