Wednesday, December 20, 2017

SmartScripts, a Venture School alum, recently completed $2.5 million of new investment funding to commercialize its Regimen Management Pharmacy solution for people who need to manage their daily medications.

Todd Thompson, RPh., President and CEO of SmartScripts, noted that traditional pharmacy models have become impersonal and confusing. To increase medication adherence, Thompson created SmartScripts Pharmacy.

SmartScripts was designed to create a simpler medication-taking process through convenient medication packaging and personalized service. Prescriptions are sorted and packaged in pouches based on the time of day and they are automatically delivered to the home free of charge once monthly.

This funding, led by Rural Vitality funds in partnership with Next Level Ventures, the Iowa Startup Accelerator and other Iowa-based investors, will allow SmartScripts to develop their model and increase accessibility to their patients.