Friday, January 31, 2014

The Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2013 Quick Pitch Biz Competition.  Quick Pitch is a statewide business plan competition that is open to all Iowa high school students who have an existing business or idea for a new business.  The competition will be held annually in the fall and spring.

Twelve finalists were chosen to present an elevator pitch out of 114 teams that entered.  The 12 teams presented their elevator pitch via Skype in front of a panel of judges, competing for a total of $4,500 in seed grants.

The winners were:

  • 1st Place – $1,500: ALL ALUMINUM Egress Window Well & Laser Cue, Kayla Kearns (Clear Lake High School)   
    • Business Summary: ALL ALUMINUM Egress Window Well is an extruded aluminum egress window well for the residential market that can be customized to fit specific basement window size. The Laser Cue is a line laser that is mounted onto your pool stick to help you improve your stroke, thus helping you to become a better pool player.
  •  2nd Place – $1,000: Sam Heimer Table Solutions, Sam Heimer (St, Ansgar High School)   
    • Business Summary: Sam Heimer Table Solutions makes a hanging/swing picnic table. It is a hexagon picnic table suspended from a tree or a sturdy structure which makes it easier to mow your lawn.
  • 3rd Place – $500: Salvaged Saviors, Angui Akok (Valley High School)   
    • Business Summary: Salvaged Saviors finds vehicles in salvaged yards that have been damaged by their previous owners. They then obtain the vehicles through an online auction and start repairing the vehicle immediately. When the vehicle is complete they try to sell the vehicle at a cheap price to people with a lower income than the average.
  • Honorable Mention – $250: Step Pedal, Dillon Pigsley and Trevor Swartz (Eddyville High School)  
    • Business Summary: The step pedal is mainly targeting elderly, handicap, and people that may have back problems. The Step Pedal would be placed on a toilet and is made up of three pedals one to lift the main lid, second one is to lift the second lid. The third pedal is to flush if needed.
  • Honorable Mention – $250: Espere (Hope), Abbie Wilson and Kennedy Smith (West High School)   
    • Business Summary: Espere (Hope) would provide Haitian struggling mothers a job by designing inexpensive, fashionable, boho chic jewelry. These women will receive the money made from the jewlery that they can use to feed their families and allow their kids to go to school and for their families to thrive.
  • Honorable Mention- $250: Nathalie’s St. Bernards and Bassets, Nathalie Digman (Western Dubuque High School)  
    • Business Summary: Nathalie’s St. Bernards and Bassets is a family run business that breeds St. Bernards and now additionally breeds Bassets. They are registered puppies that are sold at a fair price compared to the competition.
  • School Award – $500 -Western Dubuque High School. Doug Rowles, presented to the school with the most student finalists.
  • School Award – $250 -West Des Moines Valley. Sarah Bird, presented to the school with the most student applicants.

Keep an eye out for more information regarding our spring 2014 Quick Pitch competition coming soon or go to our website and apply today!