Thursday, December 14, 2017

The curiosity to understand the organ transplantation process coupled with personal connections to transplant patients motivated Dalton Shaull and Eric Pahl to build HealthTech Solutions (HTS) in 2015. Iowa JPEC and their involvement in the Founders Club helped HTS gain access to office space, mentorships, funding and other resources that were crucial to developing their business.

After launching their business, Shaull and Pahl created TXP Chat™, a software product that facilitates communication among healthcare staff to improve organ donation success rates.

HTS started by testing their product with organ procurement groups in Seattle, Minneapolis, and North Liberty. The Iowa Donor Network in North Liberty began piloting TXP Chat™ last year.

This year, HTS was awarded a $238,400 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Health, a $100,000 loan from the Iowa Economic Development Authority, and a $100,000 prize at TCU’s 2017 Values and Ventures Competition. The company also received a $100,000 Wellmark Fund investment.

HealthTech Solutions was chosen as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2018 due to their determination to improve organ donation success rates and in turn revolutionize healthcare.

Shaull and Pahl are now looking toward commercialization and distributing their product. With growth as a major goal, HTS expanded their team and added test sites in Ohio and New York.

HealthTech Solutions will be one to watch as the team continues to research, discover, and improve health solutions for all.