Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Fall 2018 IdeaStorm competition brought over 81 students from majors all across campus together to pitch their business ideas-- in just two minutes or less. The four-night event was hosted in various locations across campus.

IdeaStorm competitions help students familiarize themselves with the pitching process and encourages them to share their innovative ideas. The top five ideas are awarded cash prizes at each competition -- $6,000 was awarded in total.

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 IdeaStorm winners!

Health Initiatives IdeaStorm – October 1 - Hosted in the Pappajohn Biodiscovery Building
Students shared ideas that aim to help create a better well-being through health care innovation.
  • 1st Place, $500 | Kate Anderson (Entrepreneurship & Business) for a clamping system for IV poles during patient transport in the hospital.
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Mitchell Murphy (Mechanical Engineering, Math) for MedTrack, a new way to keep medical records secure using AI, DApp, and encryption.
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Idan Nadler (Finance) for data generating medical trays that tracks time stamps of when implants are being placed into patients.
  • 4th Place, $200 | Brittany Nguyen (Global Health Studies) for a system that will record hand washing compliance in healthcare facilities.
  • 5th Place, $100 | Kate Anderson(Entrepreneurship & Business) for a personalized physical therapy portal to create better PT plans.
Creative Concepts IdeaStorm – October 2 - Hosted in Art Building West
Students shared ideas related to innovation through art, design, history, music, literature and more.
  • 1st Place, $500 | Allaira Bartlett-Gray (Liberal Arts & Sciences) for an art rehabilitation program for ex-convicts.
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Ryann Getz (Cinema) for a community art studio.
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Geo Liriano (Communications & Political Science) for an app that helps people decipher menus.
  • 4th Place, $100 *Tied | Kun Zhou (Journalism & Mass Communications, Art) for a writng center at every UI college.
  • 4th Place, $100*Tied | Michael Steffen (History, Writing, Museum Studies) for an LGBTQ+ art archives exhibit.
  • 5th Place, $100 | Lindsey Chapman (Graphic Design) for a mental health board game.
Common Good IdeaStorm – October 3 - Hosted in the Seamans Center
Students shared ideas that inspire change through social and sustainable solutions that benefit the common good.
  • 1st Place, $500 | Drake Bechtel (Human Physiology, Entrepreneurial Management) for Green Burial, a new way to help fund national parks.
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Sam Carr (Undeclared) for Bio Cigs, biodegradable cigartte butts.
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Will Arthur (Finance & Spanish) for Illuminate, a scholarship fund for orphanages. 
  • 4th Place, $200 | Hannah Zepeda (Journalism & Mass Communication) for an eco-friendly makeup line.
  • 5th Place, $50*Tied | Lena Vestal (Enterprise Leadership) for Bundle Bags.
  • 5th Place, $50*Tied | Alyssa Hoffman (Marketing Analytics & International Business) for Bundle Bags.
Consumer Solutions IdeaStorm – October 4 – Hosted at MERGE in downtown Iowa City
Students shared ideas that explored solutions to everyday problems through new products or services.
  • 1st Place, $500 | Erica Cole (Chemistry) for 3D printed prosthetics.
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Autumn Dickholtz (Enterprise Leadership & Event Planning) for ThirdxCharm, a clothing company.
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Nick Eltjes (Finance & Entrepreneurship), Carter Gornick (Business), Noah Loffredo (Business) for Arrow Investments, an online investment system.
  • 4th Place, $200 | Jiwoo Wi (Communications & Art) for a venue for artists to sell their work.
  • 5th Place, $100 | Daniel Machlab (Computer Engineering) for a website that uses artificial intelligence to sort through millions of vacation experiences within a user's budget. 

Congratulations once again to everyone who competed in this competition! The next IdeaStorm will take place in the spring 2019 semester.