Garage Band: Flash cards for the future, Higher Learning Technologies apps used worldwide

May 18, 2017

Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) was founded in 2012 to create an easier way for students to prepare for their exams. HLT has developed a multiple of mobile study products and is continuing to grow.

Recent alum and current undergrad win Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for invention of anti-crushing tool for farmers

May 5, 2017

Mathew Rooda and Abraham Espinoza won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize in the "Eat it!" category. They were awarded $10,000 for their SmartGuard device.

UI student startup takes top prize in TCU startup competition

April 27, 2017

The grand prize winner in a recent start-up venture competition at TCU was a business founded by University of Iowa students. The business is called HealthTech solutions and their mission is to make is easier for organ donors to communicate with their recipients.

Anthony Gair Makes Things Happen On & Off the Field

April 17, 2017

Anthony Gair, a former University of Iowa football player and current graduate student, is not only an athlete, but is also an entrepreneur. He created Puzzle Greetings, an interactive greeting card business, and is working hard to make it a success.

Gair Connects People Piece by Piece

April 5, 2017

Anthony Gair, a University of Iowa graduate student and founder of Puzzle Greetings describes the significance and history behind his company. Puzzle Greetings is a greeting card in an interactive puzzle format.

Creativity Rules, and MATRIX 4 Grows to 50 Employees

April 7, 2017

Patricia Miller is the CEO of MATRIX 4, a plastic injection molding company. Miller took over the company from her grandfather and is now improving and expanding it.

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Boleyn

November 24, 2015

Amanda Boleyn (BBA Finance, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, ’10) started her entrepreneurship journey a private consultant, or “solopreneur” as she has coined, for large companies across the country.