Yonatan Hilegabriel
Addis Ababa

Yonatan Bekele

Yonatan Bekele is the founder and CEO of Shitaki Mushroom Trade Partnership Company. Starting from mushroom production in an unfinished building with a $185 loan, Yonatan Bekele was able to develop the leading mushroom company in Ethiopia. Shitaki Mushroom Trade Partnership Company now hosts its own training center, tissue culture laboratory, and mushroom production and processing centers. He has helped train over 700 people through his company and has created over 300 job opportunities for unemployed youth in the area. His work both on his company and in his community has helped in achieving the Model Entrepreneur Award from the Ethiopia government and the 2017 Business Plan Competition Finalist Award from the US Embassy. Upon return from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Yonatan plans to apply the knowledge and skills learned to expand his mushroom business and create more job opportunities. He also plans to open Africa's first mushroom research and training center in Ethiopia.


Masters Degree in Horticulture; Hawassa University