Nzikie Ngasa

Wise Nzikie Ngasa (@ngasawise) is a writer, entrepreneur, and peace promoter. In his work across these three sectors, his ultimate goal is simple: to create businesses and decent jobs for Africa’s youths. He help youths identify, nurture, package and turn their talents into businesses and jobs. 

He currently serves as Cameroon Country Director at Equal Access where he works to mitigate conflicts in the Northern Regions of Cameroon through the promotion of better local governance and youth entrepreneurship.

Wise is the Founder of Action Foundation (@afcigtweets), a youth-led, youth-focused Civil Society, where he designs and implements initiatives to mitigate conflicts by improving livelihoods through the development of decent jobs and better quality of public services.  

He is also the Founder of Greenergies (@greenergis): they distribute proven green energy solutions to rural localities in Cameroon thanks to the support of the US based @thedprize.

He also founded AgricInspiration, which aims to become the first fully integrated poultry enterprise in Cameroon. The goal is to create and retain value by producing their own feed and feed inputs, fattening chicks, processing and packaging it in different forms including fast food.

He believes the short story can be a powerful tool for combating poor governance and promoting positive development narratives. His short stories have been published by the Munyori Literary Journal and the Writivism International Festival.

In 2014 he graduated from University College London’s Institute of Education (UCL-IOE)  with a masters in Education and International Development. He also has diplomas and certificates in Project Management, Accountancy and Social Accountability.


Master's Degree in Education and International Development, University College London's Institute of Education