The Republic of the Congo

Wilheim Napsy

Wilheim Napsy has a degree in electronics and an airline transport pilot’s license. He has 8 years of experience in telecommunications, civil aviation, drilling operations, and consulting. He volunteers as youth mentor in community membership. Currently, Wilheim is a measurements specialist at Schlumberger and an independent consultant with Deloitte East Africa.

Seeing the limitations in the current life cycle of youth, Wilheim Napsy decided to act. Wanting to provide solutions, he created a mentorship portal where those who worked in both the public and private sector could share their stories, encourage creativity, and help youth who are students, recent graduates and trainees.

To help this platform, he started farming projects near Pointe-Noire in order to tackle food security, help marginalized producers and target youth who are at the core of development. His passion lies in communication, training and community empowerment.

During the program he hopes to network with other fellows, share his passions for Africa, learn how to bounce back from failure of a venture, and build creativity. In 5 years he hopes to empower and teach 1,000 young men and women so they can take roles in the public and private sector while being good citizens.


University Degree in Technology, Universite Marien NGOUABI