Victorien Karfo
Burkina Faso


Victorien Karfo holds a master's degree in Corporate Communication, focused on multimedia design, and a bachelor's degree in Theology. He has over six years of experience in vocational training of 15-25-year-old vulnerable women and young people with neither qualifications nor education. Victorien is currently the administrator of a non-profit vocational training center and the coordinator of a vocational training project funded by the European Union that addresses the root causes of insecurity and illegal migration. In addition to making his center financially self-sustainable, Victorien´s vision is to facilitate the social and professional integration of vulnerable persons, by enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial capabilities, therefore combating poverty in his community. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Victorien plans to continue his work in the high-risk areas of his country, and serve vulnerable girls living in urban areas by teaching them trades, life skills, entrepreneurship, and helping them find jobs or secure funding to start their businesses. Victorien also plans to create an employment website to promote the trainees´ skills and hopes in the future to start a do-it-yourself educational TV show in local languages.


Masters Degree in Corporate Communication; Universite Aube Nouvelle