Steve Ndende
Republic of the Congo


Steve’s career started in college when he decided to study computer science. After 3 months, he joined the innovation institute, YEKOLAB-NGO where he received software development training. This step is what led to his journey in entrepreneurship and the creation of EYANO. EYANO builds websites and mobile applications for enterprises and NGOs. Most recently, Steve has started AgriZoom, a crowdfunding and e-commerce startup that helps farmers, fisherman, and processor of agricultural products raise funds and easily access their markets. AgriZoom since then was selected by the FAO to present Congo in the international agriculture forum in August 2018.

Steve Ndende is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and the founder of AgriZoom, a startup that helps farmers and processors to access the market and raise equity funds to avoid food waste and create sustainable jobs. Steve is the 2018 first prize winner of My Food My Future, an international competition held in Bangkok, Thailand, of the best ideas to accelerate the end of hunger and malnutrition in the world. He also serves as an ICT lab manager at the non-governmental organization, Pan African Society of Young Professionals for Justice and Ethics, and is an alumnus of YALI Tech Camp 2016 in Accra, Ghana, and YALI Tech Camp Reconnect 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.


Nanodegree in Android Development; UDACITY