Saeed is a dentist who founded “The Smile Shop Dental Clinics”, with the aim of improving access to quality dental care in rural and urban communities. Saeed holds a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. He was driven by a franchise model of low-cost dental facilities across multiple locations.

To make dental healthcare more affordable, he introduced an innovative dental savings plan to help more people access care. His belief is that a business should have a heart, not just be profit-driven, and that the growth of a business is directly linked to the impact and development it spurs in its community.

Saeed is currently working on adapting his current model for rural communities, where people can exchange farm produce or livestock to pay for care. They also focus on improving dental health awareness and access to dental health care in northern Nigeria by organizing collaborative programming under their flagship community health initiative, The 100,000 Smiles Project.

In the next 5 years he hopes to take his chain of dental clinics to the next level in terms of profitability and expansion. He would like to increase his coverage and replicate his model of commodity health financing through collaboration with other entrepreneurs.


Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry, University of Benin