Amarachi Usim

Rejoice has a degree in international relations from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. She then co-founded NaFarm Foods Limited (Natural Farm Foods) in 2015 where she currently works. There she is pursuing her passion for social engineering that allows her to solve social or economic challenges.

She noticed a problem when she saw the annual waste of tons of tomatoes that is due to lack of processing factories in the country. The cost of purchasing a commercial dehydrator was high, so they fabricated low cost dryers that use electricity, cooking gas and farm waste as sources of fuel. These dryers have a capacity of 1 ton of tomatoes and dries them in less than 10 hours.

An accomplishment she is proud of is starting a mentoring program called Girls with a Purpose. The program will assist and help develop partnership with various organizations to help girls complete their education goals and provide them with basic goals of independent living.

Throughout the fellowship, Rejoice hopes to gain communication, networking and collaboration skills by interacting with people from different countries. In the next 5 years, she hopes to continue researching and bringing out more innovative products that will help preserve farm produce and reduce waste.


Degree in International Relations, Nnamdi Awikiwe University