Petrus Otukile

Rapula holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Rhodes University. Currently Rapula works at a pharmacy he started himself. The company is focused on pharmaceutical distribution, health promotion, and affordable access to medical products in remote parts of Botswana.

Seeing the low levels of private healthcare investment in Botswana and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases that go untreated, Rapula was inspired to open a pharmacy in a rural village.

Rapula’s business was able to partner with a stakeholder in public health that created a point of contact. They offer a preliminary consultation, then refer them to the correct partner.  

His pharmacy also created the ElderCare program, where pensioners and the elderly get free screening, tests, medication counselling services as well as delivery of their prescribed medication. They waived their co-payment and VAT charges for payment of service.

In the next 5 years he hopes to establish a consumer cooperative that focuses on collectively sourcing chronic medication, in order to establish a network of pharmacies that buys medication in bulk. Those that are on monthly chronic medication will enjoy some added benefits such as: medication review, counselling for side effects, and alternatives and aid to their care.


Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Rhodes University