Mohamed El Amine

Despite Mohamed El Amine’s background in management he decided to follow his passion for technology. He began as a freelancer for local and international companies. In 2015 he launched his start up NOISY DIGITAL, where he is the CEO.

His company NOISY DIGITAL, is proudly competing with large local firms and recently partnered with Google. It has run a successful campaign in three different languages in multiple countries, and offers a unique approach from his competitors. NOISY DIGITAL offers approaches like storytelling, trendjacking and newsjacking. They also specialize in video and image production for social networks.

Some of his accomplishments include working as the social media manager for a well-known local radio station called Vibe Radio, and launching a project called SexEduc. He believes entrepreneurship is nothing without social engagement, which led him to launch SexEduc to fight the lack of sexual education in Senegal.

From the fellowship he hopes to learn about new communication tools that will reach his target audience and learn more about digital marketing. He hopes that his startup, through a project called Fabulous Africa, will help him rebrand the image others have of the continent of Africa, and grow domestic tourism within the continent.


University Degree in Managment, Adminstration, IFACE - Institut de Formation en Administration et Créattion d'Entreprise