Modou Lamin Fatty
The Gambia

Modou Lamin

Modou Lamin Fatty is a young entrepreneur with two years of experience in poultry farming and the founder and resident farmer of ML Poultry, a farm that specializes in the production of quality local fresh eggs. Thanks to his passion for poultry farming, he is a celebrated young entrepreneur in The Gambia where his work has been featured on domestic and international media services. Modou Lamin is in his final year at the University of The Gambia pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Information Technology. Modou Lamin is also a motivational youth speaker and encourages youth to believe that their dreams can be achieved at home in The Gambia. He prescribes to the philosophy of The Gambian Dream, Tekki Fii, which means “you can make it here.” Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellow, Modou Lamin will continue to work at ML Poultry, where he plans to launch an internship program that will focus on youth poultry management and entrepreneurship.


Working towards a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture; University of The Gambia