Mahilo Kevin

Mahilo Kevin graduated from the University of the West Indies with a D.D.S degree. He went on to work for the government of Botswana for four years before moving to private practice.

Seeing the inconsistencies and underdeveloped strategy of the public health department Mahilo Kevin decided to switch to private practice. Seeing the many underserved people within the Ngamiland District, he decided to set up his operation “Smiles Dental Clinic” there.

In addition to the main operation, he has two outreach clinics. Through his company he serves rural populations and offers subsidized cash payments for uninsured patients.

His accomplishments include leading a team of oral health professionals to revive the community and school health programs, as well obtaining outreach licenses and using modern mobile dentistry equipment.

He hopes to learn how to properly formulate and implement strategies that will allow him to market to low income earners and mobilize communities. From the fellowship he also hopes to gain skills that will make his business more efficient through best practices and expansion, and give it the opportunity to expand.


D.D.S.; University of the West Indies