Edla Cardoso Pereira

Luana currently works at an NGO called Tiniguena, where she is responsible for assisting with communication, youth and civic duty. Tiniguena pursues projects that contribute to the appropriation, sustainable management and valorization of resources and knowledge of biodiversity at local and national levels. She received her degree in public relations and advertisements from the University of Istanbul.

After volunteering at GNT (New Generation of Tiniguena in English), an affiliate group of Tiniguena, Luana found her passion. A project she is involved in at GNT is Inter-Jovens, a radio program that is run and produced by young people to cater to the youth of the country and inform them on problems and encourage them to be active citizens through research, interviews, debates and answering calls on air.

Luana hopes the fellowship will help her learn more about how to be a successful business woman and create solutions and ideas. She also is excited to work and learn from the other fellows, and in 5 years hopes to save enough money to start her own company and run it with the values of environmental protection and sustainable development at its core. Luana hopes to employ young people at her company.


Graduate's Degree in Public Relations and Advertisements, University of Istanbul