Quatre Bornes


Komal is currently a dental surgeon who has been practicing for 4 years. She received her degree from Mauras College of Dentistry. At Bhavnagar University of Gujrat, Komal completed a 5 year professional training program and internship. Currently she is the director of her company and manages two private dental clinics. She is also a board member of the Association of Dental Professionals in Mauritius.

Komal is passionate about the field of dentistry because it allows her to combine her knowledge, skills, dexterity, and judgment together to be able to treat patients all while being self-employed. Due to the restrictive dental market in Mauritius, Komal was inspired to start her own practice.

Her other accomplishments include working on a recycling project, where medical aids and eyeglasses are given to those in need and sponsored those in need of medical funds.

During the fellowship she hopes to meet others from different countries, ethnicities and cultures. She believes this will allow her to expand her network and learn how to design projects with a global mindset. She also hopes to learn about tools that will help her find sustainable solutions to implement local projects.


D.D.S.; Mauras College of Dentistry