Gift Udoh


Gift Udoh is the founder of Norina Farms, an organic farm that produces chemical-free vegetables year-round to ensure availability, accessibility, and affordability of fresh vegetables. Her passion for safe food consumption led her to start an enterprise that trains rural farmers, youth, and women on how to grow chemical-free vegetables. She aims to reduce agro-chemical poisoning incidents in farmers and consumers, while simultaneously cutting post-harvest losses and increasing local farm yields. After experience vegetable chemical poisoning herself, Gift discovered that local farmers use large quantities of agro-chemicals to increase their yields without any kind of monitoring or regulatory actions prohibiting their use in Nigeria. Gift’s experience is what has led to her passion in helping the local farmers of her community decrease the health risks of both themselves and their consumers. With her business, she has helped 51 local female farmers begin producing organic produce and decrease their risks for health conditions linked to harmful agro-chemicals. She believes that the health and safety of rural farmers, larger agricultural profits, and continuous production is crucial to achieving food security in Nigeria and Africa.


Bachelors Degree in Zoology and Environmental Biology; University of Nigeria Nsukka