Jeneri Wakoli

Gervase has 5 years of experience in industrial research in a public institution. His career has motivated him to pursue his dream of eliminating poverty, idleness and unemployment in his community through entrepreneurship.

He uses the income from his former employment to grow the two companies he founded, Zinake and Engoho Kuku Farmer. His vision is to ensure that every person in his community has a practical skill which they actively use to earn a living and to promote investment in agribusiness.

His company offers free monthly training to aspiring farmers and supplies them with quality inputs. Contract villagers grow the fruits and Engoho buys, processes, and sells them to both the local and export markets.

Zinake is an IT startup that provides a link between verified and competent skilled workers in a given locality and those who temporarily need their skills or cannot afford to employ them on permanent terms.

From the fellowship Gervase would like to learn how to work as a team, how to recruit the right team, and improve his communication, negotiation and networking skills. Within 5 years, Gervase hopes that Engoho and Zinake will grow to be the leaders in the agribusiness and networking sectors.


Msc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Business, University of Nairobi