Farah holds a degree in civil engineering and is currently a game designer, teacher and advocate. Throughout her studies and work, she realized that the gap between what was being taught, general practices and required skills was vast.

She is a volunteer of CCI Sudan, where she works with students in order to increase accessibility to proper skills training. To support this organization and market it towards the right demographic, Farah utilizes her business and uses it as an incentive.

Farah began her current venture, Escape Room Khartoum, after she saw a need for stimulating entertainment in her country. This opportunity allowed her to draw on her academic background, and create a business that focuses on interactive gaming and escape room games.

Some of her accomplishments include her business being a market leader by maintaining the majority market share. She is also recognized as one of Africa’s Top 25 Emerging Young Women Leaders for 2017 by the Moremi Initiative.

In 5 years she aims to begin distributing games on a national scale. By doing this she hopes to take a novel approach to training teachers on how to make curricula manageable for students as well as providing a desirable learning environment.


Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering