Chifuniro Kambauwa


Chifuniro Kambauwa is the founder of Open Arms Foundation, which works with women living with HIV/AIDS in her community and surrounding areas. Open arms Foundation is involved in training women living with HIV/AIDS to venture into the fish farming business. It educates women on the importance of taking ARVs once diagnosed with the virus and encourages them to include regular consumption of food that contains proteins like fish in their daily meals, which is essential for building antibodies and energy. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, Chifuniro intends to use the skills that she will gain to train more women in sustainable fish farming and help them establish successful Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in her community and surrounding communities hence assisting them to be economically and socially stable.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Management - University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture