South Africa

Frederick James Faul

Charles studied software development at Nelson Mandela University. He is currently completing a masters of science in biotechnology with a focus on the removal of toxic metals from waste water from Rhodes University.

While traveling and performing research and communicating with fellow researchers, he identified problems with execution of research and medical diagnostics. Throughout the Eastern Cape and many other areas, there is a severe lack of medical diagnostics. This results in a lack of treatment or incorrect treatment, which causes 12 million unnecessary deaths throughout Africa per year.

He identified common problems and built “Lab in a Box" of which the prototype won the Best Prototype award at South Africa’s Innovation Bridge 2017. The “Lab in a Box” is an integrated medical diagnostic laboratory that can perform genetic level medical diagnostics in the field while running from its battery power system and being recharged by the built in solar panel.

In the next five years, he hopes to be able to offer research institutes and medical laboratories low cost high quality laboratory equipment through his company "Akili Labs", where he is the CEO. The aim is to improve accessibility to scientific equipment and medical diagnostics.


Software development, Nelson Mandela University;  Biotechnology; Rhodes University