Awa currently leads digital projects at a company called Orange-Sonatel in Senegal. She holds a master’s degree in telecommunications engineering from Telecom SudParis. She founded the Lifantou project in 2017.

Not all schools in Senegal had a canteen so she proposed a new service that would link food producers to schools at a low cost. Lifantou uses crowd-sourced geospatial data to link farmers and school canteens. Through this project, her goal is to revamp public school conditions, to secure daily food for children, to reinforce food distribution, and to boost and diversify the agriculture sector.

Some of her accomplishments include humanitarian work, with education in Senegal, a computer classroom in Morocco, and building houses in Nicaragua. Her current project is innovating IT, education and agriculture through the Lifantou project.

In the next 5 years she hopes to build an extended database of needs and supplies to optimize the supply chain in the food sector, with a real time geographical observatory and business intelligence dashboards. She also hopes to expand the Lifantou project all over the country and West Africa.


Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Telecom SudParis