Arielle started her professional resume in 2013 when she opened her own communication, modeling, and events company called UMURINGA. There she was the marketing manager until she got the opportunity to work at Modern Diary Burundi, a socio-industrial company. She currently works at both her company and Modern Diary Burundi.

Arielle puts the bulk of her energy into marketing because she believes it is the engine that makes all business move forward. In her company she trains young people in each department to add value and face the challenge of unemployment in their community. By training young people she hopes to enable them to be competitive professionally.

Her passion for youth empowerment stems from her community’s problem with high rates of unemployment and the scarcity of opportunities because of political instability. Within the next five years she hopes to help every young Burundian citizen to be able to support themselves and to achieve their dreams. She hopes that these young people will not have to wait for a job but rather train themselves for work that allows them to build a better world.