Anthony holds a degree in in human resource management from Makerere University Business School. He previously worked as an Executive Director for Global Batwa Outreach. This position gave him experience in being a social enterprise and community leader.

Seeing the malnutrition, food insecurity and child and maternal mortality rates in Uganda, Anthony founded Kanara Maize Farmers Ltd., where he is currently the CEO. His company is focused on ensuring the availability of nutritious maize flour, and empowering farmers through maize commerce.

As one of his greatest accomplishments, Anthony’s company built a factory that produces fortified maize flour. Through the factory he is able to ensure that despite economic status, quality, healthy and nutritious maize flour is consumed, because using maize flour that is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals is both a practical and feasible solution to addressing micro nutrient deficiencies across the population.

Anthony’s goal is to transform Kanara Maize Farmers Ltd. into the leading provider of nutritious, and quality fortified maize flour to all people, their economic status withstanding. He seeks to transform the company into a leading food company, which fights for and supports efforts to create progressive social change and food equity that benefits all people.


Human Resource Management, Makerere University Business School