Aissatou Mandela

Aissatou has four years of professional experience with NGOs, as well as in the private and public sector. She is currently a freelancer in project management and communication. She is a member of several youth associations and a mentor in a youth mentoring program. She recently initiated a digital campaign through a hashtag #ModelCitizen on the occasion of Citizenship Week in Guinea.

Her goal was to take advantage of the week to remind Guineans of the importance of civic engagement. The campaign involved several young residents and the Guinean diaspora through the publication of photos and messages with the hashtag to raise awareness. Public figures also decided to express themselves during this week through the hashtag.

In the future Aissatou Mandela hopes to use the entrepreneurship skills she learns to launch a ready-to-wear clothing line made of Guinean textiles to make the fabric more accessible and exposed. Through the brand she hopes to help local producers be more productive and able to compete in the market.

From the program Aissatou Mandela would like to learn how to equip herself with new methods of business management in the digital age and to have a network in order to share knowledge and experiences.