Joseph Sulentic




Pappajohn Business Building (PBB)
Associate Professor of Practice

Joseph Sulentic has taught at Iowa JPEC since 1998. He is consistently recognized by graduating seniors as one of the top 20 faculty/staff campus wide as having the single greatest impact on their undergraduate experiences and is a winner of the Collegiate Teaching Award. Joseph started his first business as an undergrad at UCLA and has been involved with one or more businesses continually since that time. Most recently, he is a principal with Fenix Uprising, a strategic and tactical management consulting company that applies Navy SEAL methodology to improve organizational and personal performance.  Fenix Uprising secured General Motors (GM) as their third client.  The SEAL mentality of emotional resilience is especially applicable to entrepreneurs and books written by SEALs are now required reading in his courses. A committed environmentalist, Joseph lives in the Iowa countryside on 77 acres with his wife Katherine, their daughter Carrera, and their German shepherd puppy Harley von Hundstein.


MBA from the University of Iowa, 1988
BA from the University of California, 1984