This application is to be completed by a company, business, start-up or non-profit organization interested in participating in the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center’s (Iowa JPEC) Iowa Innovation Associates Internship Program. Individual undergraduate and graduate students, under the direction of Iowa JPEC faculty and staff, will be matched with applicants to complete internships. To qualify, a business or organization must:

1. Have a project/position with the required professional and academic depth and breadth.
2. Designate a contact person in the company/organization that will work with/mentor the student.
3. Provide the student with required information and feedback in a timely manner.
4. Maintain business records/an accounting system which enables ready identification of the use of university provided funds.
5. Provide a financial report detailing how the funds were used at the conclusion of the project including documentation of wages paid/complete weekly student time cards documenting student hours and activities, signed by company mentor or supervisor and student.
6. If requested, allow the University of Iowa to access any records related to this project for audit purposes